Have a question? Here are some common questions and answers.

Why can't I build my own web site?

You can. But do you want to?

Having a technical advocate that can create a best in class website for you will save you time and effort that you can spend on your small business. You're an expert in your business, and we're experts in ours.

Why can't I just use my own email to send a note to everyone in my address book?

You can, but you definitely don't want to.

There are regulations against sending unwanted messages to people. Using an email marketing provider helps you follow the rules about allowing people to "unsubscribe" from your messages. One way that email providers fight spam is by blocking email addresses that send unwanted email. Using an email marketing provider helps to protect your email address.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is advertising via email. Sounds simple, right?

The best email messages are brief, valuable, and actionable. Email marketing plans go a step further by pinpointing what your audience needs when they receive your message. An email to someone who just joined your email list is different from a message advertising an upcoming event, and both are different from a message announcing a new way use to use an existing product, which is also different from an email to someone who bought a chair from you a month ago and might need an end table now. Whew! It’s a lot.